Some say that QR codes did not achieve the interest that was expected, however you might be surprised to learn about the many uses that can be given to them in both the food and beverage sector and the commercial sector.

Imagine your menu has a QR code next to a dish, which allows diners to watch a video of how the dish is prepared, or allows you to order online and pay via e-commerce by scanning it. Every day our clients become more in need of specific information that sometimes service personnel do not manage, which is why digital platforms become a support for these purposes.

At the point of sale we can use QRs to drive traffic to the Facebook profile, website or online sales app. The important thing is to create bridges for the user between the physical and digital worlds so that they become less and less alien to each other.

At PROCOM we have created tools such as that generates QR passports for end customers, facilitating data collection in food and beverage businesses. Likewise, we have recently integrated the management of promotional coupons into billing systems by reading them. of a QR.

Do you have innovative ideas for how we can exploit the strengths of QR? We invite you to write to us to grow together.