BCCR Cash Free Certification

The L – Cash Free Entity program is a certification program designed between the Central Bank of Costa Rica and the entities of the national financial system, which aims to achieve maximum use of the electronic services that companies such as PROCOM have available for their collection and payment transactions, which translates into the reduction of risk in cash management and the costs associated with it.

  • Better practices - Reduce operating costs by using electronic means that automate and streamline operations.

  • Security – Provide greater security in payment transactions and improve controls on collections and payments made.

  • Service - Provide better service and collection and payment alternatives to customers and contribute to the development of our country's payment system.

Certification of our electronic billing platform

The certification process that PROCOM carried out with GS1 allowed us to validate that the implementation of its electronic billing is a process supported by best practices, suitable documentation, support for end users and compliance with the law.

  • Better practices - GS1 certifies best practices in systems.

  • law enforcement – The certification validates that the platform complies with what the law indicates

  • Backup – Certification promotes having SLA and emergency protocols

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