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The digitalization of the industrial dining sector is possible with PROCOM

The digitalization of the industrial dining sector has become a necessity for managers and owners of organizations seeking to remain competitive in a constantly evolving market. Technological advances have made it possible to centralize information, simplify processes, improve customer service and integrate all the company's modules.

The centralization of information is key to making informed and strategic decisions. With digital tools, managers and owners can access relevant data in real time and have a complete picture of the company. This facilitates internal communication between different departments and allows for more efficient management of resources.

Simplify processes and offer better service

The simplification of processes is another significant advantage that digitalization brings with it. With integrated systems, it is possible to automate routine tasks and reduce employee workload. This not only increases company efficiency, but also allows employees to focus on tasks that require more attention and creativity.

Improved customer service is another important aspect that digitalization can offer. With integrated systems, it is possible to provide a more personalized and efficient service, from the consumption process in the physical dining room to employee service. Employees can place orders online, pay with their wallet, manage coupons and upload to payroll, among other things.

Hire a provider that offers you a complete and integrated solution

The integration of all modules is a crucial advantage of digitalization in the industrial dining industry. With integrated systems, it is possible to have a complete overview of the company, from food and beverage inventory, recipe management, subsidy business rules, wallet, payroll charges, advances and coupons, to integration with the Corporate ERP. This allows for better management of resources and more informed and strategic decision making.

In this sense, PROCOM presents itself as a leading company in the market for technological solutions for the hospitality industry. With a wide range of hardware, software, cloud and consulting products, PROCOM offers personalized solutions adapted to the specific needs of each client. It doesn't matter if it is a small dining room or a dining room of a large transnational company with multiple business rules, PROCOM has the ability to transform and improve the operation of any company in the sector.

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