Industry "Salud"

Private and public hospitals, private and public health clinics.

Digitalization of the health sector is possible with PROCOM

Technological advances have made it possible to centralize information, simplify processes, improve customer service and integrate all the company's modules.

The centralization of information is key to making informed and strategic decisions. With digital tools, managers and owners can access relevant data in real time and have a complete picture of the company. This facilitates internal communication between different departments and allows for more efficient management of resources.

Simplify processes and offer better service

The simplification of processes is another significant advantage that digitalization brings with it. With integrated systems, it is possible to automate routine tasks and reduce employee workload. This not only increases company efficiency, but also allows employees to focus on tasks that require more attention and creativity.

Improved customer service is another important aspect that digitalization can offer. With integrated systems, it is possible to provide a more personalized and efficient service, from room or table reservations to customer service. Customers can make reservations and payments online, request additional services and receive personalized recommendations based on their preferences and needs.

Hire a provider that offers you a complete and integrated solution

New technologies allow organizations to solve business problems in a simple way, PROCOM's "pager" solutions allow the processes of caring for people in health centers to be simplified and made safer.

PROCOM presents itself as a reliable company that offers warranty and support for the equipment offered to the market, both pager type callers and watches used by care staff.

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