PROCOM seeks to serve its clients as best as possible and given that there is a lot of uncertainty in the sectors that will be affected by these changes in legislation, it will be launched on the market this July focused on clients of PROCOM that use their point of sale systems and clients of other companies VAT calculation service through the electronic invoicing platform.

We want to support our clients as much as possible, and what better way to do it than by providing them with a simple tool that provides an estimate of the amounts payable for VAT to so many users who today are not clear about how said calculation should be carried out! mentioned our general manager Doménica Bolaños.

The MyTax platform will be of great help to the sector and is now available to anyone who wishes to hire it, but it will be activated with the launch of the scheme 4.3 on July 1.

If you want more information: 4000-1155,