PROCOM migrated its services to Oracle Cloud to boost its growth and improve its efficiency

PROCOM, a leading company in the sector of enterprise Solutions, has managed to boost its growth and improve its efficiency thanks to the migration of its technological infrastructure services to Oracle Cloud. In this article, we will tell you how PROCOM has managed to overcome its limitations to grow thanks to Oracle technology and how it has implemented an infrastructure that allows it to continue developing its SaaS platforms in a sustainable way.

Before migrating to Oracle Cloud, PROCOM was experiencing some challenges in growing and expanding the platform given the accelerated growth of its databases. The infrastructure based on delimited servers generated scalability and availability problems. A new generation of business solutions is born from this step and exponential growth is projected, being able to serve new markets and solutions.

To overcome these limitations, PROCOM decided to migrate its services to Oracle cloud. In collaboration with Oracle's team of experts, PROCOM managed to identify the most appropriate solutions for their needs, which included the implementation of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and the migration of SOLARIA, PROCOM's middleware, to OCI. As well as the implementation of IaaS, PaaS and an entire data retention management automation environment.

Thanks to the migration to OCI, PROCOM has managed to boost its growth and improve its efficiency in the management of its services. OCI offers a scalable and highly available infrastructure, which has allowed PROCOM expand your services and increase your data processing, storage and availability capacity without worrying about hardware limitations. Likewise, it is preparing to offer a highly integrable digital ecosystem for multiple establishments, which guarantees the security of information and the appropriate processing of data. according to retention and availability SLAs.

On the other hand, the migration from Solaria to OCI has allowed PROCOM improve efficiency in the management of your services. SOLARIA is the middleware PROCOM which is responsible for integrating different systems and applications, and is now hosted on OCI. This has allowed PROCOM improve efficiency in the integration of its services through API, which has generated an improvement in the quality of the service offered to its clients.

En PROCOM, we're committed to innovation and continuous improvement in our processes and operations. Migration to Oracle Cloud It has been an important step in our constant search for excellence in the service offered to our clients. If you are looking for efficient and reliable technological solutions for your company, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you identify the most suitable solutions for your company.

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