About us

22 years of business history and a portfolio of more than 1000 clients have allowed us to develop a technological innovation model and a vision of where we want to be in the near future.

We are a business technology factory for various verticals, we offer high quality hardware and software as a result of the efforts of a high-performance team. We develop solutions based on hybrid environments (on premise / cloud) and we improve our hardware every day to adapt it to customer needs.

Our #de0a100 philosophy seeks to encourage all the people around us to be better every day through commitment to quality on a personal level, even in moments where no one is looking, for us, that is the moment of truth. We want to impact each person who is part of our company in a positive way and we work hard to support all our clients.

Our staff business support is ready to sit down and talk with you and your company in an atmosphere of trust and comfort about your goals, His plans, Its objectives y needs To the extent we can know better what it requires we can design a solution appropriate technology.

Contact us at 4600-1155, through email ventascorporativas@procom.co.cr or through form here.

Hospitality IT Solution Company of the Year 2023/24