Our SOLARIA SaaS solution is a Cloud based middleware platform that allows you to integrate your billing systems in one or more points of sale with your corporate ERP, your e-commerce, your payment gateways, mobile sinpe and your digital sales channels. We invite you to read more about how SOLARIA was implemented with the support of ORACLE Cloud!

Secure, reliable and with many integrations, it is our promise!

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PROCOM offers SOLARIA in SaaS Cloud mode with the support of specialists who advise you and teach you how to take advantage of the great benefits of these new technologies. Your company needs a digital tool that integrates all your points of sale and systems!

Our solution offers you a central management platform for your business and a centralizer of information from the company's points of sale.

Receive free advice from an expert on how to obtain a solution according to your business and your integration processes. SOLARIA offers you the connections that no one else offers, so that your business can be digitalized. Control customer orders and reservations, data from your points of sale, your own web and app digital channels, card payment processor and mobile sinpe and much more.


Manage multiple stores from a central console, allowing data to and from points of sale.

SOLARIA offers you the possibility of having a central module that allows you to create products, suppliers, collaborators, define price lists by establishment and for this information to travel to the satellite points of sale, it also allows you to receive data from the points of sale to the central console to obtain data such as cash closing, final inventories, billing, accounts receivable and payable.


Receive orders for food, items and reservations securely from your app and web digital channels.

SOLARIA offers you the possibility of having a 100% online product catalog through the app or website and for your customers to place orders with various payment methods (card-wallet-mobile-cash) and various delivery methods (go to pick up-delivery-consume at the premises).


Integration interface to move and receive data between your corporate ERP system and your points of sale.

SOLARIA offers integration to several ERPs on the market, including SOFTLAND ERP and SAP. Consult inventory and costs daily so that your points of sale stay updated and automatically send information on the day's sales and inventory movements to the ERP with the aim of having a real-time ecosystem of business information.


Carry out automatic collection and payment processes with SOLARIA.

Make payments of accounts payable and payrolls automatically using SOLARIA and its Banking as a service services, make automatic collections through automatic debit authorizations from your clients (ADA) or through mobile Sinpe (available for Costa Rica). The services integrated into PROCOM's ERP offer automation of collections and payments.

We offer 12×7 support to be able to accompany you during the use of our services.

Receive assistance and advice, training on the use of the contracted platforms, remote technical support in case of technical problems and much more! Our Customer Success team is waiting to assist you.

  • Support via email and WhatsApp

  • We offer you a customer portal where you can keep track of your tickets or requests.

Get to know our cloud services value proposition!

SOLARIA offers you availability through the cloud so you can access your company's data from your office, your home using a computer or from the comfort of your mobile device!

Security before everything

We offer you free security certificates as part of the service and customized waf protection as needed.

99% Uptime

Contact us to provide advice and design a solution architecture that offers a redundant platform that tolerates infrastructure failures and allows your business to always be online.

After Sales Support

We offer you specialized support to resolve errors that arise during the use of the services.

Implementation and joint start-up

We accompany you during the start-up and support you in data migration activities that may be required.

Global locations for global business

Configure your services in the location best suited to your data traffic needs.

High platform performance

Servers with the best price/performance ratio configured according to the needs of each company or shared hosting, depending on the needs of your organization.

It's time to take the step towards the cloud in your digitalization process

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